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posted Feb 15, 2016, 9:37 AM by Wrestling Rebels

      You guys did an awesome job at the Meet of Champions!!  The entire coaching staff is always proud of you guys, win or loose. That being said there were some issues with some behavior! Let it be known, the Rebels will not tolerate swearing, throwing headgear and any other unsportsmanlike wrestlers or parents period! We will also enforce the rule of not removing your singlet straps or headgear until after you exit the mat and review the match with a coach. We had a few minor and major issues at the Meet that were not acceptable. One of our wrestlers is suspended for one week! Please explain this to your children although 99% of them do not act this way, it is good to know that we will stand behind our rules. Enjoy your night off from practice get rest we're going to hit it hard Wednesday!

PS: We have more food spots and jobs we need Volunteers to signup for.  Signups can be found on the Volunteer page in the links on the left.  Please do so ASAP. 

Coach J. Robinson